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Agriland SAM, founded in 1990 in the Principauty of Monaco, take care of high quality products distribution in France and the world (except Italy) for pastry, bakery, ice-cream shop, hotel and delicatessen shop.
The Agriland commercial network is composed by agents in France, managed by a commercial director. Some agents are in charge of the export, including the North Europe, North America, Middle and Extreme East

Dynamism, passion, tradition, authenticity and excellence are many convictions which represent the company and the products offered.
 With a real proximity, Agriland devotes a significant attention to be a privileged partner for the pastry chef, chocolatier master, ice-cream chef by offering to them products and services highlighting their creativity. 

We marketed our products directly in France, and we have distributor in the following countries:

Europe :
Germany, Austria, Benelux, Spain, Finland, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, United-Kingdom, Slovenia, Switzerland and Sweden.

Out Of Europe :
Australia, Canada, UAE, United-States, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Russia, Singapore, China, Chorea, Indonesia and Thailand.

Agriland is a privileged interlocutor for all the actors of the pastry and chocolatier such as:

•The pastry and bakery chef 

• The chocolatier masters and ,confectioner ;

• The ice-cream chef ;

• The caterer, the restorer ;

• the delicatessen shop, specialised gastronomy shop ;

• A lot of artisans and manufacturers who undertake to only use top quality raw materials and ingredients
A quality commitment at your service.
Agriland choose only products which answering to strict quality criterias and which corresponding to the company values. 
Because the best deserve the best, Agriland escort the professional in their job, assist and advise them to better succeed with them. 

A commitment for the preservation of the environement and your future.

The environment is our common wealth, it is our jurisdiction and our duty to protect it.

Agriland reenforced its sustainable and environment commitment,
By ratified the Monegasque Societal Responsibility Chart.

A customer service at your service

Available from monday to friday, from 8 am to 5 pm the Agriland commercial assistant are at your entire disposal in your daily management. A team of area manager available on the field is computationally equipped and ready to inform you on your prices. You also get a responsive after sales service. Some competent advisers are here to help you to solve your problems in the best delay and deliver an adapted solution.

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